The Cast

Let's face it - being a kid can be tough, but not when the Possum Twins are around, sharing stories of positive possumbilities!


OKIE, who is Odell's twin brother, likes to act silly - his motto is "Laugh, share some happiness with the world." Okie sometimes plays possum; his eyes will glaze over, his tongue lolls to one side, and his body goes limp. Once he's succeeded in alarming his friends, he comes back to life, roaring with laughter. Okie is a dreamer who has a passion for dramatic play; so don't be surprised if he shows up in a super-hero outfit. At a snap of a finger, Okie can create a magical stardust with a mobile messaging device popping out of the glitter.


ODELL is a real opossum - a Miss Spitfire when it comes to introducing enlightening skills to kids. Although she's only six, the mystical, perky possum provides guidance to her twin brother, Okie, and to others as well. Odell is a paradigm of never giving up. She faces any problem head-on and prefers using her brains to her emotions in finding a solution. Sometimes, Odell is rather bold and bossy, however, her nature is always blended with love and understanding. At a snap of a finger, Odell can create a magical stardust with a mobile messaging device popping out of the glitter.


K.G. is a fast, cagey rabbit who tries to trip up the Possum Twins in their efforts to accomplish a goal or task. From interrupting the scene with his loud chatter and hideous laugh to hiding the correct answer to a task - K.G. can be the most annoying character ever! Nevertheless, K.G. listens to the Possum Twins and the prompted viewers when they ask him to stop his harebrained silliness. When the Animal Forest has a party and a sing-along, K.G. with his big feet and extra-long ears will be right there in a flash, singing along with his friends.


TOMMY is a kind and friendly turtle who doesn't hide in his shell! He's always the first to welcome the Possum Twins to the Animal Forest when they come for a visit. Tommy's shell is where he hangs his many hats, and he loves them all! Tommy sometimes has a problem with holding on to his hats, and he gets mad as a hatter. That's when he stops and puts on his thinking hat instead of throwing a tantrum. Tommy can always count on the Possum Twins and the viewers at home to help him find his hats.


SWEET-TWEET SARAH is a little bluebird with a big heart! She is always ready to help the Possum Twins solve their problems, and even rescue those who are treated like dirty-birdies. Sarah also believes in staying fit, and she proves it by exercising and eating right. Whenever the Blue Angels, her favorite flight squadron, fly overhead, Sarah pretends to be a plane. From the running, leaping, and stretching arms wide, Sarah gets everyone moving with fun exercise. She always invites the Possum Twins and the viewers at home to join the fun.


RAPPY is a hip-hopping skunk who is incredibly smart and quite grown-up. He sometimes helps the Possum Twins teach enlightening skills to viewers by rapping. His hip-hop beat makes learning fun and easy. Always sporting a can-do spirit, Rappy dreams of becoming the world’s greatest song rapper. Rappy is a role model youngster who gives hope to his friends that feel pain. Since Rappy is happy and positive about life, everybody he meets soon loves him.


AJAY is a free-spirited little bear who thinks he is bigger and more ferocious than he really is. Though he is really lovable, he has a feisty, forceful nature. Ajay is known to be equally cagey as K.G. Rabbit, and he constantly sets out to out maneuver the Possum Twins. Ajay loves fun and is always ready to rock. Unlike most bears, Ajay doesn't hibernate through the winter. Instead, he is one energetic bear, playing in the Animal Forest.


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